Day 14 of 100 new videos to promote New Media Europe. As you can see we are on the move. We’ve left the Isle of Wight, the beautiful Isle of Wight heading towards the mainland and towards London for this weekend.

Video Creates Engagement

I’m starting to see how effective video is. It’s an amazing form of social media. So personal, creates a great connection. People can fall in love with your large personality.

Twitter Video Rocks!

Today, day 14 we’re going to be replying to new followers. New followers on the New Media Europe Twitter account, using Twitter video. If you follow New Media Europe on Twitter today, you may well get a personal Twitter video back from myself, Izabela or one of the team.

Snapchat Geofilters: Tomorrow

Make sure you checkout my Snapchat story tomorrow. I’m going to be talking about geofilters.


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