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 Mark Minard
Taking Risks and Action With Mark Minard

Mark Minard is a husband and father of 5. He is the owner and co-founder of Dreamshine which proudly serves individuals with special needs. He’s also the owner and host of Elevating Beyond Podcast. Mark is also the published author of The Story of YOU: Transforming Adversity Into Adventure, and Taking Your Dreams To The Next Level & Beyond.

You may connect with Mark via his website

Pursuing his dream

Mark started Dreamshine about 10 years ago as an alternative place for people with special needs to come to. His journey and the struggles he has encountered while building Dreamshine has allowed him to learn a lot about leadership along the way.

His determination to start Dreamshine originated from his experiences in life: he was considered to have ADHD when he was younger, he got into a lot of trouble and ended up in jail at 17, and a niece was diagnosed with autism. Mark believes that taking risks and action, doing and learning along the way, and fighting through the fears are what helped him create Dreamshine.

Writing his book

Mark’s college professor in creative writing gave him a D and told him that he didn’t have an understanding of what it takes to be an author. This affected him for many years, thinking that he isn’t good enough to write a book. Mark eventually started writing his own book and he didn’t let his experience get in the way of what he wanted to do. He used his experiences, the adversities he overcame, and how he started Dreamshine to write his book and share how people can apply these for their own dreams.

We also talked about how Mark defines his success and the next level for him. Mark shared how he moved out of his comfort zone by starting his own podcast and writing his book.

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