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Join New Media Europe Affiliates and promote the conference to earn £100 for every attendee you refer to the conference until 31st March 2016. We've created some banners for...
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Join New Media Europe Affiliates and promote the conference to earn £100 for every attendee you refer to the conference.

Affiliate Toolkit

We’ve created some banners for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and your website.


7 Highly Actionable Affiliate Marketing Ideas

1. Facebook Groups

The best thing about Facebook groups? They are some of the most active corners of Facebook right now. Type your keyword into the search bar and select groups. Check that the group has active discussions and is not full of spam. Most high quality Facebook groups have rules about promotional posts so don’t post your promotion. Ask a question instead like, “Hey all, I was wondering what conferences you plan to attend this year? I’m considering New Media Europe in London. It looks awesome and I need to get my podcast started!”. If anyone asks about it in the comments post your affiliate link there and not in the initial post.

2. Buffer

Buffer is a dream for pre scheduling. It has a best times to tweet tool so that you can get your message out there when your audience are likely to be tuned in. Hashtags are great – use them! Pablo is a free Buffer add on that helps you to create great graphics that will help your message stand out like this, this and this.

3. Your Closest Friends

Pick 3 of your closest friends who you feel would benefit from the product or event you’re marketing. Send them a personal email explaining why you think it’s for them. Remember this will only work if you believe in whatever it is you are recommending to your friends.

4. A Blog or Podcast

You have the opportunity to tell your existing tribe about something you love. You could write a list post “3 Conferences Entrepreneurs Should Attend in 2016” and there’s no reason why all three suggestions couldn’t have affiliate links (if all the conferences have an affiliate programme). If you have a podcast invite the conference organiser on to your show to talk about an aspect of the event.

Izabela and I are open to podcast interviews about the following topics: podcasting, branding, audio editing, social media and new media. If you’d like to interview either of us feel free to email me direct and we’ll set up a time!

5. Instagram

Take epic photos or use templates you find online. Use the WordSwag app to overlay text or a short URL. Quotes work really well on Instagram. Remember hashtags (up to 30 per post) you can post them as a comment to keep your initial post clean.

6. Videos

Create a 30 second video explaining why the product or event is valuable too you. Unboxings and testimonials work well! Make sure to share it on YouTube, Facebook Video and Twitter too! Keep it short and place your affiliate URL in the description.

7. Mailing List

If you have an email list then this is one of your most powerful affiliate marketing tools. You don’t need to include the offer as your main email content provide value and then throw the offer in at the end of an email to your list.

Watch the Affiliate Marketing Webinar Replay

How to Do Affiliate Marketing

I need to cool down. That’s better. Today is 21st of March, I think it was the first day of Spring yesterday, wasn’t it? It’s day 12 of 100 New Media tools to promote New Media Europe. Really excited that I shared about our affiliate program, for the next 10 days we’re paying out one hundred pounds, that’s one hundred and forty dollars per new attendee for New Media Europe.

Just as a result of this Snapchat story we had a ton of new affiliates signing up to help us which is great so thank you if you were one of those people. New Media Europe is a conference taking place in London, England, June 18th to 19th for bloggers, podcasters, vloggers, marketers, social media managers and business owners.

In preparation for the webinar later on where I’ll give 7 highly actionable affiliate marketing ideas my team and I are going to get together some really good tools for you to be able to use, essentially a really cool affiliate marketing cool kit with banners and everything else you could want.

We’ll also be creating suggested copy for you to post on Facebook or send as an email to your friends, maybe post on your blog and that will all be going in the tool kit later on today. If you do happen to be watching this Snap Chat story before 1 PM GMT on the 21st of March you can join me on the webinar later today too.

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