How to Grow Your Email List

Day 41 of 100 new media tools to promote New Media Europe. Morning meditation done. I realise seeing that mandala on my face was probably quite psychedelic with this shirt....

Day 41 of 100 new media tools to promote New Media Europe. Morning meditation done. I realise seeing that mandala on my face was probably quite psychedelic with this shirt.

Boris Veldhuijzen van Zanten from The Next Web

Before I get into today’s new media tool I’d like to give a shout out to Boris from The Next Web. He’s one of the co-founders and I’m attending their conference in Amsterdam next month. If you think banner ads are a dying breed and you’re struggling to get above point two percent click through rate then take a look at his recent speech at the Media Makers conference in Moscow. I really enjoyed watching that this morning over my morning cup of coffee. Boris, one of the co-founders of The Next Web is also on Snapchat.

All right, it’s time to get onto today’s glamorous New Media tool. By the way, if you’re struggling to stay focused. Try the Pomodoro Technique. Google it.

Today I’m going to stay on a Dutch theme with a company based in Utrecht in the Netherlands called UpViral. A huge thank you to my friend Peter Poulton from who’s made me aware of this fantastic, fantastic looking service. He’s also kicking about on Snapchat.

UpViral To Grow An Email List

All right, so check this out. This is UpViral. Apparently the ultimate viral referral system. If you run an online business I assume you’re already collecting email leads. Yes, right? What if I told you you could turn one lead into five.

Big challenge for us at New Media Europe is growing the community and in order to do that we need more members of the community and people who are passionate about what we do sharing our stuff. Now we’ve already got some great opt ins and lead magnets on the current site but just imagine if we gave something away so amazing, people would share it to get access.

Why Recommendations Work Well

Facts from the UpViral site. People are seven times more likely to trust friend recommendations than traditional. Ninety-two percent of consumers trust referrals and you get a sixteen percent higher lifetime value. Here’s the idea of UpViral in a very simple sentence. Someone opts in, they’re told in order to gain access to the lead magnet they need to share it with five of their friends. Look, here’s an image. Enter your email, share with five of your friends on social media, get them to sign up. Like that, gain access.

Have You Got a Lead Magnet That Works?

Now for our audio production company we have leads that fly off the shelf including my own Adobe Audition presets. On a regular day we get around twenty to thirty new leads just from my own Adobe Audition presets. On a great day we’ll get a hundred plus new leads. Just imagine if you’ve got something like that on your site and you turn a hundred great leads into five hundred great leads, how amazing that would be for your business.

How To Use A Lead Magnet To Grow Your List

Today my team and I are going to do something we’ve not done before. We’re going to make the whole virtual ticket from our New Media Europe concert of last year completely free.

I’m going to sign up and use UpViral. In order for someone to gain access to this product that is worth sixty five pounds plus VAT, they’ll need to share it and get five of their friends to sign up for it. You can be sure I’m going to be reporting back on how exactly we get on. If you want to check out UpViral, go to


Mike is co-founder of New Media Europe - obsessed with everything new in media and technology. He's also a founder of audio production company Music Radio Creative.