A Year of Reading the World

How to expand your horizons and learn more about the world. Here is one year of reading the world.

I have always liked reading. Ever since I was a child I needed to have a book before the bedtime. As a 10yr old I used to disobey all my mother’s “go to bed” orders and I would enter different worlds my books had to offer. I still think that there is a beautiful, unspoken magic behind reading books.

Entrepreneur’s Choice

I often see my entrepreneurial friends recommending the latest “get rich” books. In a way I am really fed up by this. I think that more and more authors in this category write about exactly the same material somebody else has provided and we tend to be dropped in that never ending ocean of limitless possibilities they promise. It is all good. BUT. I think that in order to grow we truly have to expand our horizons. It isn’t just about the next New York bestseller. It isn’t about feeding your brain the ways in which to grow your business. The best ideas come to us unexpectedly we just need to be open for them to come to us.

Something Different

I have recently met a wonderful young lady. Henny is my long lost family. A Hungarian entrepreneur living in Perth, Australia. She introduced me to the concept of “reading the world“. The idea is simple. There are 196 different countries in the world and you need to read 196 books from the authors from those countries. So the author has to be from a country for you to be able to “tick it off”. How wonderful! Can you imagine all the possibilities this idea has on offer? Entering the head of somebody from a country you have never heard of or know little about. How different will be your outlook on life after this amazing year long journey?

A Year of Reading the World

Henny has taken things in her hands and created an online community. The idea is to bring together like-minded people who are willing to share books and ideas. I have joined Henny’s free Facebook group today and I look forward to starting my journey this year. Will you join us too?


Izabela a co-founder of New Media Europe and the head of a UK based audio branding company - Music Radio Creative. Working with over 4500 clients, spread across 197 different countries each year.