National Podcast Day #podcastday

Let’s talk about National Podcast Day. The first international effort to spread the good word about podcasting worldwide through public engagement. ...
National Podcast Day

National Podcast Day

Let’s talk about National Podcast Day. The first international effort to spread the good word about podcasting worldwide through public engagement. Click play above and listen!

UK Podcasters Conference

We started by briefly discussing #ukpod14 the UK Podcasters 2014 conference – which was awesome – and how the plans for a UK Podcasters 2015 conference are coming along. We’re in the final stages of viewing venues and checking out three different UK cities to find the right venue for the UK podcasting community. We’re excited and itching to tell you more.

National Podcast Day – 30th September 2014

Is this an international day of podcasting?

Izabela starts by discussing the name National Podcast Day and asks, “why is it not named as an International Podcast Day?”

We both fully support the idea of an international day for podcasters and have a chat about how it may expand further going forward. I throw my 2 cents in, then Izabela throws her 2 pennies in and we agree to disagree on the naming of the day. That is not the most important thing here for UK podcasters. What is important is that podcasters worldwide will unite to promote podcasting on an international level!

How to Support National Podcast Day in the UK

  • Get on the mic and start podcasting.
  • Watch the Podcasters’ Roundtable launch of National Podcast Day.
  • Stick a banner on your website, play promos and even change your social media avatar!
  • Tell someone else about podcasting and spread the word.
  • Interact with your favourite podcasters by commenting on and reviewing their shows.

If you’re not a podcaster then now is the time to start podcasting.

Tweet your support for National Podcast Day now and join in on 30th September 2014

Head over to National Podcast Day to check out more ways to get involved!

National Podcast Day Organisers: Steve Lee, Dave Lee, Dave Jackson, Daniel J. Lewis, Nick Seuberling, Ray Ortega, Rick Limpert

How will you add your support to National Podcast Day. Let us know in the comments below!


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