NMEU 05 – Kelly Baader – Running Your Business Elegantly

Kelly Baader talks about running your online business smoothly and elegantly with the use of various tools and new media....

Kelly Baader
As a strategic online marketing coach and consultant to aspiring entrepreneurs, Kelly empowers audacious entrepreneurs to architect their online revenue-generating platforms, so that they can create impact, influence and income all at once! Kelly is also an entrepreneur, author and certificated Life and Business Coach and Consultant with the John C Maxwell Team.

Just like many other people, Kelly has experienced ups and downs in life, especially as she grew up in a female-discriminated environment. Although she faced many challenges, she turned it around and became one of the top income earners in the hospitality industry by the time she was 30. Since then, she has impacted thousands of people’s lives (especially women) through her coaching service, online courses and bestselling book on Amazon, A Little Girl Called Grace.

Kelly’s true passion is to activate and ignite the passion inside of people, to turn their past wounds into impact, influence & income all at once!

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Top Quotes from Kelly Baader:

  • “Put the focus on your audience, not on yourself.”
  • “When you are doing your video, you are not doing it for yourself; you are helping someone out there watching the video.”
  • “It doesn’t matter if you are in Asia or you are in Europe or in USA… they see us [entrepreneurs] like a rare breed. We think differently and we adapt things differently.”
  • “Live events are so important; not just always hide behind our computer – to get out there, to network… and to continue to learn new things.”
  • “Sometimes as entrepreneurs, when we see our own project, we see it in a very different light. Sometimes we are too close; it’s always awesome to have different perspectives.”
  • “You just cannot beat in-person experience.”


Key Timestamps:

  • 00:30 – Host Mike Russell introduces and welcomes Kelly Baader to the show
  • 01:40 – How Kelly uses new media tools to relaunch her website
  • 02:24 – Kelly on using online videos as promotional materials
  • 03:30 – Other methods that Kelly uses aside from promoting through online videos
  • 04:04 – The podcast that Kelly is currently working on
  • 05:50 – Kelly talks about constantly relocating and moving back to Switzerland recently
  • 06:48 – Running her business online while living in different continents
  • 08:50 – Kelly’s experience with new media, marketers, businesses and entrepreneurs in North America
  • 12:43 – Tools that Kelly uses to market her businesses online
  • 13:40 – Kelly on creating a balance between having a social media management team and doing it yourself
  • 15:00 – What made Kelly decide to come to the New Media Europe conference
  • 16:25 – On going out and meeting new people, and how it can help your business
  • 17:27 – People that Kelly are looking forward to meeting and seeing in New Media Europe

Learn More From Kelly!

Visit her website, KellyBaader.com; you can also connect with Kelly on Facebook, Twitter (@KellyBaader) and LinkedIn.

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