NMEU 45 – New Media Europe 2015 Review

Mike and Izabela Russell chat about the 2015 New Media Europe conference, their biggest takeaways, the NMEU team and sponsors, and plans for future NMEUs!...

NMEU 2015

The highly anticipated New Media Europe conference took place during the weekend of 12-13 September, at the Midland Hotel in Manchester… and it was a great success! In this post-conference episode of the New Media Europe Show, Mike & Izabela Russell discuss the highlights of the event as well as plans for NMEU 2016.

Top Quotes from Mike and Izabela:

  • “It was incredible. In fact, I still… I don't think I've recovered.” – Izabela
  • “It seems like the mission is accomplished; the number of emails and messages we've received… it is incredible, it is overwhelming.” – Izabela
  • “A lot of people said they've never been to a conference before; this was their very first one, and they just made so many exciting connections.” – Mike
  • “We had amazing speakers and that is why people are so inspired, because of some of the talent that we had coming in from all corners of the world.” – Mike
  • “They just made every single speech very memorable.” – Izabela on NMEU's emcees Peter and Craig.
  • “It's all about the team.” – Mike on the NMEU team
  • “There are so many ideas buzzing around; that is one of the great things about attending conferences, they inspire you.” – Mike on whether there will be a New Media Europe 2016
  • “There are always going to be things that are not going to go a 100% planned and as much as we would love to, I don't think we can predict everything.” – Izabela
  • “It's just a full year of work. So for us, it was literally just like giving birth to a baby after a year.” – Izabela
  • “We love doing this.” – Izabela
  • “The reason we wanted to bring this conference to the UK, and to Europe, is not only to unite those new media freaks and geeks, but also to change some lives. Just simply by attending the conference and being around other people, lives start to change.” – Mike
  • “Europe is such a different market to the U.S. and I don't think we fully appreciate that just yet.” – Izabela
  • “We were very fortunate to have attendees from 14 different countries.” – Izabela
  • “Spreaker loves podcasting and we love you Spreaker.” – Mike
  • “We're in it for the long term… full disclosure: at the end of this conference, we are paying a bill.” – Mike
  • “It's here to stay.” – Izabela on doing NMEU

Mike and Izabela's Takeaways from NMEU Keynote Speakers:

  • Cliff Ravenscraft – “You have to just totally go with your gut. You've got to go with what you feel is the best because there will be, equal amount, if not more people, who actually love what you do.”
  • Jonathan Tilley – “You've got to give it 100%.”
  • Phil Pallen – “Don't try and be on all 10 social networks. Don't try and spread yourself too thin. Be a rock star on two or three.”
  • Chris Ducker – “Don't be afraid to make money. Making money 24/7 round the clock is sexy.”
  • Izabela's biggest takeaway – “Be yourself.”
  • Mike's biggest takeaway – “Just be prepared and be double-prepared, because you never know what would go wrong.”

Key Timestamps:

  • 00:09 – Mike Russell asks Izabela Russell how New Media Europe 2015 was for her
  • 00:50 – Izabela talks about the goals of the conference
  • 01:18 – Mike talks about the amazing speakers at NMEU
  • 01:26 – On Cliff Ravenscraft's opening keynote speech
  • 02:20 – On Jonathan Tilley's interactive speech that had high audience engagement
  • 03:23 – On branding expert Phil Pallen's speech
  • 04:55 – On Chris Ducker's closing keynote speech
  • 06:57 – Mike and Izabela talk about the NMEU emcees, Peter Billingham and Craig Millar
  • 09:06 – Mike and Izabela give credit to the NMEU team
  • 09:54 – Mike and Izabela send their gratitude to Bernie J Mitchell, Perry J. O'Halloran, Rob Lawrence, Sarah Williams, Tony Brown, Anna Bonikowska and Natalia Bonikowska
  • 11:05 – What Mike and Izabela did during the days after the conference
  • 11:47 – On whether there will be a New Media Europe 2016
  • 12:97 – Mike and Izabela's biggest takeaways from the conference
  • 13:35 – Mike gives a shout-out to his friend Ben Adams Smith, who provided an extra Macbook
  • 14:03 – Shout-out to HipswingUK, who provided the audio-visuals
  • 14:52 – On their experience planning the New Media Europe conference
  • 16:20 – The reason why they brought the conference to the UK and Europe
  • 16:51 – On the need to have more Europeans attendees
  • 18:04 – Mike gives a big shout-out to NMEU sponsors and partners
  • 21:20 – On plans for NMEU 2016
  • 21:55 – Mike and Izabela talk about the virtual ticket

Did you miss the New Media Europe conference? You can still get access to all the valuable sessions that took place by purchasing your virtual ticket! This virtual ticket also comes with automatic access to the very small and unique closed Facebook group of NMEU attendees. Go to //newmediaeurope.com/vt15 now!

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