Skype London Podcasting Meetup Review

Skype London HQ hosted an inspiring evening of networking and chat based around the topic of "How to Podcast for Business and Profit from your Passion"....
Skype London UK Podcasters Meetup

Skype London UK Podcasters Meetup

The third UK Podcasters meetup at Skype London HQ was an inspiring evening of networking and chat based around the topic of “How to Podcast for Business and Profit from your Passion”. Here’s a podcast of the evening’s discussion featuring many of the meetup attendees.

Holly Scott-Donaldson & Anthony De Souza

Holly Scott-Donaldson & Anthony De Souza

Anthony De Souza
CrowdFunding Focus

Starting from 2:19

Anthony will start a podcast soon with short 3-5 minute tips on crowdfunding. He’ll use podcasting to get the message out with short tips on how to run a successful crowdfunding campaign. His podcast will be a marketing tool and a way to educate his target audience. It’ll tie in with other things he’s doing such as his online magazine and membership sites.

Holly Scott-Donaldson

Starting from 4:27

Podcasting is a verbal blog which can be a stepping stone into getting into the app space. Holly is presenting in a forum about podcasting and will be interviewing her clients to find out how her clients are using podcasting for business. Holly loves podcasting!

Mazzie Knight

Mazzie Knight

Mazzie Knight
Planet Maz Radio

Starting from 5:35

The main point of Planet Maz Radio is to help the world understand that transgender people are just ordinary people in an extraordinary situation. It’s been an accidental success. Mazzie set it up as a support forum and it is now growing by the day.

Chris Thomas
My Live School

Starting from 6:57

Chris is passionate about fusing the world of education and digital media together. He wants to make it happen on a low cost, low risk basis. He doesn’t have a podcast but is here to learn from others at the UK Podcasters meetups. Every podcast he listens to is full of knowledge, experience and passionate people.

Neville Hobson

Starting from 9:28

Neville started podcasting, thanks to Skype, back in 2005. It started out as a podcast about business communication technology and 9 years later he’s still at it with his co-host. A project that was based on a passion has developed into a weekly 90 minute podcast which now has 3 sponsors. Neville was a real early adopter of podcasting technology and first heard about it back in July 2004. His podcasting interest has developed into a network with 6 more hosts working under the same brand and a successful and active Google+ community.

Andy Johnson

Starting from 12:18

Andy has many hobbies and counts podcasting as one of them. He runs a dance radio station online and is attending UK Podcasters meetups to meet other like-minded people and get new ideas. He loves podcasts for his own benefit and learning experience.

Paul Bines & Richard Mark Lalchan

Paul Bines & Richard Mark Lalchan

Richard Mark Lalchan
Creatives Hub

Starting from 14:04

Richard runs three podcasts under the banner of Creatives Hub with the intention of helping creative people to get things done. He runs mini-hubs that meet on a monthly basis that help others to get things done and stay accountable. Hatch Let’s Get Cracking, Richard’s main podcast, gives various productivity tips and interviews members of his community. It’d be great to monetise the podcast in the long term but, at present, is more about brand awareness.

Paul Bines
UK CardCast

Starting from 16:09

Paul has been podcasting since 2007 and is pursuing it as a hobby. He podcasts all about his hobby which is collecting non-sports cards. The podcast has not really made any money, he has some Amazon affiliate links and was also funded by his listening community to make a trip to America. He’s looking to start more podcasts soon thanks to broadband and Skype he can connect with guests around the world.

Richard Farrar

Starting from 18:37

Richard has been podcasting since 2005. He runs a gardening website with a friend and last year he started a podcast because he loves the medium and geeky stuff! It is growing in listenership. He would like to make money from the podcast. Sponsorship is one option but he suspects he needs his listenership to grow. He’s also considered affiliate links but, with a global audience, is wondering how a UK based product would apply to a worldwide audeince.

Julian Illman & Richard Farrar

Julian Illman & Richard Farrar

Julian Illman
Brilliant Living HQ

Starting from 20:16

Brilliant Living HQ is a site concerned with personal development. Julian runs it with his wife Kathryn and their intention is to do some podcasting. Kathryn is in the final stages of producing a book called Changeability and the idea is they will run a podcast based on the book. It may increase audience and interest in the book via the podcast. They also intend to start a podcast around their main Brilliant Living HQ brand.

Adam Hobden
Adam Hobden Photography

Starting from 21:54

Adam used to run a podcast called the Wedding Photography Podcast which was an audio blog based around building a wedding photography business. He interviewed experts and some of his previous clients. He’s also produced screencasts for online course providers which still produce revenue for him to this day. Adam loves tech and has his own home recording studio.

Sam Thom
I Am Do Filmmaker

Starting from 23:28

Sam is a video journalist and podcaster. In 2011 he started a podcast that was all about film making for those who were jumping on the DSLR bandwagon and could produce really good looking films. His background is as a radio journalist for the BBC. Sam has an idea for a new podcast all about video SEO and is looking for ways to create a podcast which talks about the real nuts and bolts of making video. He drives plenty and so gets the chance to listen to many successful money making podcasts such as WTF with Mark Maron.

Richard Dally

Starting from 25:57

Richard has a show which is a promotional tool that gets him gigs as a DJ or related work. It’s all about entertaining his audience. His vision is to expand into the technical and production side with a consultancy business that would help DJs and online radio broadcasters to up their game.

Philip Chryssikos
Entertainment News

Starting from 27:10

Philip is a voice over artist with MRC and runs Entertainment News, a huge content provider, based in London. They create content for online brands such as Yahoo! The key point is that you can listen to podcasts in the car and when you’re doing other things. There is a market for corporate podcasting and it’ll be great to watch it expand.

Viv Oyolu
Audio Byte

Starting from 29:22

Viv runs a podcast for authors and writers. She also has a consultancy business and teaches people how to podcast through a masterclass. Her podcast has been a great platform to sell her services to authors and become known in the publishing industry.

Charlotte Males
The School of SportsBiz

Starting from 31:11

Charlotte is a newbie podcaster she’s been podcasting for a month – The School of SportsBiz. Her podcast looks at how people can get into sports business if they want to be an agent or in sports marketing. She conducts interviews with many experts with a goal to be a sports marketer and network with others in the business.

Viv Oyolu, Krishna Panicker, Sam Thom, Richard Parsons & Adam Hobden

Viv Oyolu, Krishna Panicker, Sam Thom, Richard Parsons & Adam Hobden

Richard Parsons
The Richy & Jeff Show

Starting from 32:58

Richard is one half of the Richie and Jeff show which is a music and chat podcast. Podcasting is a great way to get a conversation going and strike up chats with other people in your niche. He’s a digital creative so podcasting is another string to his bow.

Kevin Field

Starting from 33:49

Kevin is inspired by the stories of other podcasters. His background is in radio – marketing and events – he’s a producer, presenter and has been involved with radio since the age of 16. He thinks podcasting is the next step. He’s learning from podcasts and podcasters and is planning his direction by registering some domain names for his projects. He has made money online with a website for radio presenters – pay4prep – along with a website to help people quit smoking. You can monetise a passion and there are some fantastic podcasts at there. The question is does your business have to exist already and is podcasting a way to draw people into your funnel?

Vanessa Monaghan

Starting from 36:42

Vanessa works in radio during the day as a presenter and is originally from Ireland. She presented a radio show called Culture Cafe (which is an arts and culture show) which she loved doing and it will soon be a podcast. Since moving to London she’s found doing a culture show on traditional local radio not possible that’s why podcasting is such a great opportunity for her. It’ll be a way for Vanessa to get to know more people in her niche and give them a voice.

Ashley Marshall

Starting from 38:30

His podcast is called Enthused Entrepreneur and the goal for Ashley is marketing. The goal is to promote his own business which is about building tribes and fans – those loyal listeners and customers – for business owners who would like to be in an expert position. The software that Ashley teaches folk to use is Infusionsoft and the podcast provides Ashley a great platform to talk to others about his products and services and make money from back end sales.

Kathryn Bryant
Brilliant Living HQ

Starting from 40:18

Kathryn is the other half of Brilliant Living HQ with her husband Julian. They are going to start podcasting very shortly and the idea is to promote the book that she will be shortly publishing. They’ll be interviewing people on the topic of personal development and change. The podcast will hopefully work as a tool to promote their downloadable products.

Mike & Izabela

Mike & Izabela

Mike Russell & Izabela Russell
Music Radio Creative

Starting from 42:05

We are nearly at 100 episodes and have been podcasting for 2 years. Podcasting is a way to bring new people in to our business – Music Radio Creative – we also use other methods of monetisation. These include affiliate links, talking about products and gadget reviews. Our main goal is for people to know, like and trust us and become our client as a result of listening.

The podcast was an experiment to start with but we find plenty of people discover our company through our podcast. It is still difficult to prove who discovered MRC as a direct result of listening to our podcast.

Izabela mentions that she has recently hired someone as a result of talking about a vacancy we had on our podcast.

Q & A with Mike & Izabela

Starting from 44:41

  • Do Mike’s Adobe Audition YouTube tutorials bring you plenty of traffic and business?
  • The UK Podcasters podcast has been highly ranked in iTunes New & Noteworthy for many weeks. How did you achieve that?
  • What are the download stats like for the UK Podcasters podcast?

Podcasting Meetup Conclusion

Thank you so much if you attended this meetup and we hope to see you at our Berlin podcasting meetup and then, after that, at the UK Podcasters 2014 conference – #ukpod14.


Mike is co-founder of New Media Europe - obsessed with everything new in media and technology. He's also a founder of audio production company Music Radio Creative.