UK Podcasters 2014 Conference #ukpod14 Review

We find out in this UK Podcasters 2014 (#ukpod14) review about the power of real life events and conferences. There's also a full podcast conference review!...
#ukpod14 Attendees

#ukpod14 Attendees

We find out in this UK Podcasters 2014 (#ukpod14) review about the power of real life events and conferences. There’s also a full podcast conference review!

#ukpod14 Twitter Buzz Words

#ukpod14 Twitter Buzz Words

Amazing, love, good, hope and great were all buzz words on Twitter from the UK Podcasters one day conference in Birmingham. Our mission was to connect other podcasters in the UK and help to get those idea light bulbs going off. A great part of #ukpod14 was that all the attendees were so nice to each other and everyone is equal no matter if they are a doctor, lawyer, photographer or marketer.

We share short audio clips of the speaking sessions from #ukpod14 in this podcast episode and details of the #ukpod14 Audio Virtual Ticket.

Hotel La Tour

Hotel La Tour

The Hotel La Tour was a wonderful conference venue and we wanted to ensure that all attendees of the conference were really well looked after during the day. We ensured that everyone would have snacks, tea, coffee, soda, juice, chocolate, muffins, fruit (and even free ice cream) during the whole experience so that networking could really take place all the time during breaks between the sessions. A full lunch was provided and included in the ticket price.

Spreaker sponsored the VIP evening party so that all delegates could have some drinks and enjoy late night networking in the hotel’s Alvar Bar. It didn’t feel cliquy at all during the day and night all conversations were open for others to step in and join. Izabela wanted to ensure plenty of short breaks between the speaking sessions so that those who were only there for the day and leaving early would have plenty of chance to dive deep and make friends with others.

Many are buzzing from the weekend and inspired to launch their own podcast.

International Podcasting Day in Birmingham, UK

Many of the leading podcasters in the world who were attending Podcast Movement in Dallas, Texas had taken the time to record videos for our delegates at #ukpod14. We really appreciated that and many Tweeted those podcasters to say thank you! The room was not only full of people from all over the UK but also Ireland, Germany, Greece, Sweden, France and the USA.

Podcasting Inspiration from the United States

In our opening keynote we asked the question, “how many of you have been inspired to podcast by a US podcaster” and nearly all the hands in the room went up.

Raise your hand if you've been inspired by a US podcaster

“Raise your hand if you’ve been inspired by a US podcaster”

The Great #ukpod14 Sponsors

Adobe Creative Cloud

1 Year Subscription to Creative Cloud!

A couple of attendees walked out of the conference with a free one year subscription to Adobe Creative Cloud with thanks to Adobe. I did an A to Z of Podcast Audio Production session with thanks to Adobe Audition.

99designs handed a discount coupon to all of our attendees offering a significant price reduction to those who would like awesome podcast artwork.

#ukpod14 Sponsors

#ukpod14 Sponsors

Skype were also a fantastic sponsor of #ukpod14 and sent Krishna from the London team to the event. They have even hosted a former UK Podcasters meetup in their HQ.

Steve Witt from 10,000 Millionaires attended and sponsored the conference with his podcast. We hope to see many more podcasters supporting future events.

Highlights from #ukpod14 Sessions

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Awesome internet marketer Joseph Bushnell gave a great bit of advice – simply – start now!

Then Colin Gray followed with a non-techie guide to podcast audio equipment. Colin has been podcasting since the early 2000s yet had not built a podcast network of friends until this conference. Colin encouraged podcasters to try new things and experiment as there aren’t many people listening at the beginning.

Jon Buscall gave a fantastic presentation, along with a great case study, one thing he did mention is the power of offline networking. If you’re looking to “take it to the next level” then organising an event can be more important than online marketing to get your message out.

In my A to Z of podcast audio production presentation I chatted briefly about loudness, a new standard podcasters should pay attention to. I mentioned Auphonic, a good bit of audio levelling software for podcasters, Ray Ortega’s podcast on loudness and Adobe Audition’s loudness radar feature.

John Colley gave an inspiring afternoon session and encouraged podcasters to ask “why” they would like to start podcasting. It is important to have your goals established before you start.

Jason Van Orden provided the most amazing closing keynote for a podcasting conference full of people inspired to create their own dream lifestyle. Jason told some great stories and interacted with the audience and helped them “mini mastermind” on their own businesses. We include a small clip of Jason talking about the false security of his last full time job and the moment he realised things must change.

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Next… #ukpod15

You can be sure that #ukpod15 will happen. We announced this on the podcast. Izabela has commited to the event being at least twice as big as this year in attendance, venue size, duration, variety of sessions and number of speakers. Make sure you’re getting our email updates to be the first to hear about #ukpod15. Also, the dates will not clash with Podcast Movement 2015, the two events will be spaced out so you can attend both if you wish!

#ukpod14 Virtual Ticket

You can access recordings of all the #ukpod14 sessions here (half price until the end of August 2014). If you wish you may download the MP3 files and transfer them to your favourite playback device to enjoy at your own leisure.

Get a #ukpod14 Audio Virtual Ticket!

Finally, if you attended #ukpod14 how did you feel about the day?


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