5 Essential Pieces of Podcasting Equipment

Invest in the best for high-quality shows! Here are five essential pieces of podcasting equipment for creating high-fidelity episodes....

podcasting equipment

One of the reasons why podcasting is so popular is that anyone can get started with nothing more than a laptop. However, those seeking to produce high-quality shows need to invest in a little hardware for the best results. Here are five essential pieces of podcasting equipment for creating high-fidelity podcast episodes.

Heil PR-40 Microphone

This studio mic is one of the most popular tools for serious podcasters. The Heil PR-40 boasts a frequency response of 28Hz to 18kHz, an impedance of 600 Ohms and an output of -53.9dB at 1,000Hz. Pair it with a pre-amp for superior results.

DBX 286s Voice Processor

As any long-time podcaster will tell you, a dedicated voice processor is a must if you want to avoid sounding amateurish. The DBX 286s pre-amp processor allows podcasters to reduce sibilance as well as high-frequency distortion, leading to high-definition audio recordings using any source.

Zoom H2 Portable Recorder

Even if you typically rely on your studio to capture audio, it’s sometimes necessary to record on the go. The Zoom H2 Portable Recorder boasts 4 built-in mics that allow it to record sound from all directions. Supported formats include WAV, MP3 and VBR.

Beyerdynamic DT770 PRO

No studio is complete without a pair of high-fidelity headphones. Top-notch cans enable podcasters to hear imperfections that might otherwise go unnoticed. The Beyerdynamic DT770 PRO is easily one of the best models on the market. Alternatively, the Beyerdynamic DT 250s work well too.

Speedlink Spes Mic

Clip-on microphones allow podcasters to record video without their gear getting in the way. The Speedlink Spes is arguably the best clip-on mic available for the money. For less than £10, the Speedlink Spes delivers the greatest freedom of movement and the best audio quality of any clip-on microphone.

The Last Piece of the Puzzle

It goes without saying that no amount of gear will make up for a lack of vision. Your podcast ultimately swims or sinks based on the value that you deliver to listeners. Provide compelling content on a regular basis and the audience will follow.


Mike is co-founder of New Media Europe - obsessed with everything new in media and technology. He's also a founder of audio production company Music Radio Creative.