The Best Blogging Platforms: 7 Options for Hassle-Free Publishing

If you’d like to launch a blog, you don’t need to configure a web server or pay for expensive hosting to do so. The truth is that there are...

best blogging platforms

If you’d like to launch a blog, you don’t need to configure a web server or pay for expensive hosting to do so. The truth is that there are many free or at least inexpensive blogging platforms that handle the back-end configuration for you. Here are seven of the best:


One of the oldest and largest blogging services on the web, Blogger is Google’s official blog publishing platform. It integrates well with social media services like Google+ and makes blog creation a snap for those who aren’t technically inclined.



The premier blogging software in the eyes of many, WordPress offers blog hosting that’s fast, feature-rich, secure and free. Thanks to thousands of free themes and powerful plugins, WordPress is the Swiss army knife of CMS platforms.



If you’re launching a high-traffic site for a business, Rainmaker is an intriguing paid alternative to WordPress. They take care of the site set-up, security and server optimisation, freeing webmasters to focus on building a site that stands out.



For blogs that are heavy on rich media, Tumblr is always a wise option if you don’t want to pay for hosting. The service boasts a slew of themes and a mature API for crafting custom solutions to site development problems.

One of the more unique blogging options out there is, a service that allows users to craft posts using their Evernote accounts. It’s perfect for bloggers who rely on media-heavy content curation to drive their post output.




Bloggers looking for a platform that prioritises beautiful minimalism should take a serious look at Medium. It’s noticeably free of sidebars and widgets by default, which places the focus on the post’s content rather than visual clutter.



Much like Medium, Svbtle is a blogging service that prioritises simplicity. Its powerful yet streamlined dashboard allows bloggers to attain maximum productivity, which is a big plus for busy bloggers that need to crank out posts quickly.


More Where That Came From

While these blogging platforms are considered the top dogs in the kennel, they’re hardly the only choices. There are literally dozens of fine alternatives that can meet your needs for the right price.


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