How to Create a Great Sounding Podcast Intro

Podcast intro is important... Actually, it is the most important audio element you will ever create for your podcast.

Podcast intro is important… Actually, it is the most important audio element you will ever create for your podcast. Why? It is the very first thing a potential new listener will hear. You have approx 30 seconds to grab their attention – if you mess that part up, that’s that. This listener will move on and potentially never come back.

Here is a guide that I guarantee will lead you to your amazing intro.

Think of your target audience

Who is likely to tune in? Would it be a male or female audience, what age range do they fall into? This should enable you to determine what language/accent you would likely use for the wording of your scripts.

  • Working professionals – keep the language professional and to the point.
  • Kids – here you can be imaginative and very relaxed in your attitude – kids like to have fun!
  • Geeks – make your scripts geeky too!
  • Specific niche – use words that would appeal to the niche (technical, industry specific words).
  • Keep it clean – do not include explicit copy as you WILL lose listeners as a result.

Decide who you would like to appeal to the most

What is your ideal avatar’s age group and gender. Use some adjectives to describe what they like and dislike, how they behave, talk and react. This will be a very valuable learning curve for you! Target audience is also particularly important when thinking about the music choice – do not be directed by your own tastes! You need to make sure that your avatar will like it.

Write things down

Write down the reasons why someone should tune in to your podcast – this is your sales pitch and  it is important to share it with your audience at the very start. Work on the key reasons. And then work to make it as short as possible. Test it on people not familiar with what you do. If you manage to describe in a just a few words and they get it – you have the winner!

What podcast intro do you currently use? I would love to give it a listen! Simply post the link in the comments.


Izabela a co-founder of New Media Europe and the head of a UK based audio branding company - Music Radio Creative. Working with over 4500 clients, spread across 197 different countries each year.