Digital Shoreditch Podcasting Meetup Review

Our podcasting meetup at The Water Poet, in the City of London, was a great success. In addition to familiar faces there were many new attendees from all over...

Our podcasting meetup at The Water Poet, in the City of London, was a great success. In addition to familiar faces there were many new attendees from all over the UK that travelled to London to network with like-minds and interact with our 4 power speakers.

The audio podcast that accompanies this post contains two out of the four talks that happened during our meetup.

David Bain on New Media SEO

David Bain on New Media SEO

David Bain on New Media SEO

David Bain is Head of Growth at Analytics SEO and has a great podcast called Digital Marketing Radio. You can also check out his Udemy course on SEO.

If you’re publishing a podcast it’s absolutely essential you think about how to get your podcast ranked highly, in iTunes, for the kind of keywords people are going to be searching for in relation to your business.

Think of everything you do online as a funnel to make people more aware of yourself or your business as a brand.

One of the most important aspects about optimising videos for YouTube is that you need to try and drive as much relevant traffic to a video – as soon as possible – to begin with.

I’ve paid as little as 5 cents per visit to my videos using StumbleUpon advertising.

5 Top Areas To Be Looking at in SEO in 2015

1. Site Performance – Make sure your site is a great user experience and loads quickly.

2. Multi-Platform Optimisation – Think about how your site looks on tablets and mobiles.

3. Context – Educate search engines as to what type of content you’re offering. Use search engine friendly mark-up in your content like, canonicalisation and the target country and language for your website

4. Big Data Insight – You need to be using data from different sources to understand which keywords to target. Pay for a source of data and don’t just rely on Google AdWords Keyword Tool or Google Analytics (which now hides many keyword searches).

5. New Media SEO – Do relevant keyword research before publishing your podcast and target keywords for each episode. Include the keyword once in the podcast title and then write naturally for the show notes.

SEO will not die for the foreseeable future as search engines will not die!

Click play on this podcast episode to listen to David Bain’s full talk.

Rob Lawrence – The Creative Mindset: Turning Your Talent Into Income

Rob helps creatives to sound their best and hosts some amazing podcasts including Inspirational Creatives and Alive in Berlin. He is going to help you turn your passion into money with his inspiring talk which you may listen to, in full, in this podcast episode.

We all work for ourselves and we all work for somebody else. That’s something important we should keep in mind when considering turing our talent into income.

Think about a time when you were using your talent and it felt absolutely amazing.

I had a chat with Jeff Goins, who is the author of The Art of Work, and he told me that passion isn’t enough to go back to your childhood and reflect on what you love is incomplete.

I highly recommend The Entrepreneur Revolution by Daniel Priestly. He talks about the “age of hands”. If you or I lived 200 years ago we’d have had to use our hands to create income.

The new world of work that we’re going into is about love. What people are really looking for is love. They’re looking for trust and connection.

It’s about loving what we do, loving the people we serve and creating an environment where we work with partners and suppliers that love to work with us.

Chris Brogan said that you need to meet these three requirements:

  1. You love what you do.
  2. You meet the needs of other people.
  3. You meet needs that others are willing to pay for.

Bernie Mitchell – Blogging for Beginners

Bernie dropped amazing value with his blogging tools for beginners.

You can check out Bernie’s Dyslexic Blogging Guide presentation in full. Take a look at Bernie J Mitchell’s blog and subscribe to his email list.

Jonathan Baillie Strong – Podcasting Secrets

Jonathan is a front end web developer and podcasting evangelist. He gave a talk that introduced us to some of the equipment he uses to podcast and some of the secrets of podcasting that other experts don’t always mention.

Jonathan runs the London Podcast Network and was also a speaker, on podcasting, at the Digital Shoreditch Festival 2015.

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