7 Big New Media Tips for Entrepreneurs

Here are 7 top tips for entrepreneurs and business owners from the most successful people online, in 2015, based all around the world....

Here are 7 top tips for entrepreneurs and business owners from the most successful people online, in 2015,  based all around the world.

1. Get The Right People To Your Website

“As business owners we need to make sure that we’re converting the traffic that’s on our site and then making sure that all of that effort that we’re doing – not only in SEO – but in all of our social media, our email campaigns. That it’s getting targeted, engaged traffic to our site not just junk traffic. So that we’re building a community and building an audience. So they know us and like us and they engage with our company and our products so once they get to the website they’re already sold. They’re already loving what we’re doing and I think that’s the crux ultimately of increasing conversions – getting the right people to your website.” — Trajan King, on Twitter: @trajanking

2. Build Your Email List Using Facebook Ads

“Having some social proof and getting some likes is a good thing and you shouldn’t totally discount that but don’t be afraid to start using it [Facebook] to start building your email list because you can really target your perfect customer with things like Facebook Ads, great content and things like that. So, I like using it to focus on growing your email list and email is still king even though you hear people saying all kinds of things like “email is dead” and…” — Andrea Vahl, on Twitter: @AndreaVahl

3. Build The Business of You

“New media professionals and entrepreneurs can ultimately build their business around themselves, their personality, their experience, their story, what they have to offer. I believe that if you build the business of you regardless of what industry you’re in, regardless of how competitive you think it is; there’s absolutely zero competition because it’s 100% original. Nobody can copy it because there’s only one you.” — Chris Ducker, on Twitter: @chrisducker

4. Make Your First Piece of Content Compelling

“If your content isn’t going to be really compelling, particularly the first piece of content that somebody consumes from you, you’re not giving them a reason the next time that notification comes in that you’ve got a piece of content for them and they’re not really going to be as inclined to pick it up and read it. There’s a notion that every morning people are, rightly or wrongly, picking up their smart phones and they go through their emails and do this “pre-delete”. They’re swiping all the emails away to clear down their inbox.” — David Shaw, on Twitter: @Davidmarkshaw

5. Tell A Personal Story

“The one thing that’s going to separate people is to be able to identify and understand their personal story and being able to share that interwoven with the brand that you’ve created.” — Jeremy Boeh, on Twitter: @jeremy_bay

6. Embrace The ‘F’ Word

“How refreshing would it be if somebody, maybe me, got up on stage and just talked about how to deal with failure and just be able to embrace it and move on to get to the successes. I think that many people get stuck in this failure, “oh woe is me”, thing. They don’t realise that failure is actually the stepping stone, if you just keep going, to great success.” — Jonathan Tilley, on Twitter: @JonathanTilley5

7. How To Start Podcasting

“You can start out [podcasting] in a really easy, sustainable, simple way with the minimum kit because you can grow your audience over time. You’ll upgrade as you get better, as you improve your presentation skills. It’s that (the practice and the presentation skills) that matter so much more than the equipment or the technical elements or the music. So, I would just say, record something – anything – and get it out there and then get some feedback from people on what they like and what they don’t like and take it from there.” — Colin Gray, on Twitter: @thepodcasthost


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