The Best Vlogging Cameras Used by the Pros

You want to look good on YouTube like Casey Neistat or Zoella?
What is the best vlogging camera?
What is the best vlogging camera?

You want to look good on YouTube like Casey Neistat or Zoella? Read on to find out the exact vlogging cameras used by respected vloggers.

These camera recommendations all come verified directly from the official Twitter account or YouTube channel of the vlogger in question.

What Vlogging Camera Does Alisha Marie Use?

This well known beauty vlogger is always answering her Twitter fans no matter how many times she’s asked what camera she uses.

Alisha Marie uses the Canon EOS 60D camera.

What Vlogging Camera Does Roman Atwood Use?

It’s tough to find out which vlog camera Roman uses. If you skip to 7:31 in this video you’ll find that Roman Atwood’s favourite vlogging camera is in fact the Sony DSCRX100.

What Vlogging Camera Does Zoella Use?

The queen of British beauty vlogging uses the Canon EOS 600D to shoot her vlogs for YouTube.

What Vlogging Camera Does Alfie Deyes Use?

Alfie Deyes uses the Sony Alpha a6500 although he wishes it was a vlogging camera with flip screen included!

What Vlogging Camera Does Carli Bybel Use?

Carli Bybel uses the Canon EOS 60D camera for her beauty vlogging. She’s even created a handy filming equipment page with all the details on the gear she uses.

What Vlogging Camera Does Casey Neistat Use?

Listed in the description of all his YouTube vlogs. It’s no secret what vlogging cameras Casey Neistat uses.

Casey Neistat currently uses the Panasonic Lumix G DC-GH5M digital camera to shoot his vlogs in 4K quality. He also uses the Sony Alpha a6500 and Sony DSCRX100.

What Vlogging Camera Does Fleur De Force Use?

Fleur has posted about the vlogging camera she uses on Twitter. It’s the Canon Powershot S100.

Cheap Vlogging Camera for Beginners

If you’re looking for something cheap and easy to get started vlogging with you’re likely holding it in your hand or it’s close by on your desk or in your pocket. iPhones and many Android phones today can shoot high quality video, even in 4K, which is more than adequate for uploading to YouTube. If you want to level up the quality of your phone camera without breaking the bank consider investing in a flexible and portable Joby GorillaPod Tripod.

Conclusion: The Best Vlogging Camera of 2017

When you’re choosing a vlogging camera it’s a highly personal choice to make. As you can see from these examples of well-known YouTube vloggers each has their own preferences. Some prefer better audio, others can live without quality audio but need a flip screen.

Vlogging Camera: Editors Choice

I personally use the Canon EOS 60D as do 2 of these 7 video bloggers therefore it’s worth considering. It’s my favourite all rounder DSLR vlogging camera and comes in at a reasonable price for anyone who is serious about starting a video blog online.


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