Den Home Automation Re-Invents Century Old Technology

Light switches and plugs are about to get a whole lot smarter thanks to Den Home Automation - a London based smart home startup.
Den automation products will change the smart home
Den automation products will change the smart home

Light switches and plugs are about to get a whole lot smarter thanks to Den Home Automation. Den, a London based smart home startup, will start manufacturing their products this month.

This technology will take homes in the UK  into a whole new age at an affordable price.

Yasser Khattak, a young entrepreneur from Kent in the UK, is the mastermind behind Den Automation. They’ve raised £1.45 million in funding so far and look set to start shipping products from September 2017.

The biggest barrier blocking most people from kitting out their home with smart technology is price.

Entry Pricing of Smart Home Technology

Three products I currently use and love in my smart home include:

If you want to get into any of these three eco-systems you’ll need a budget of between £149-£199 for each technology. Home automation is therefore very much a luxury rather than necessity.

Affordable Den Smart Home Products

The Den listing on Seedrs mentions the prices they’re aiming for and, unlike other smart technology, they are very affordable!

  • 1 gang light switch – £8.99
  • Single plug socket – £9.99
  • Double plug socket – £15.99
  • Occupancy Sensors – £24.99
  • Remotes – Range from £11.99 to £24.99
  • WiFi Hub – £59.99
  • Den iOS & Android Application – FREE

What Makes Den Home Automation Unique?

Den Smart Home HubDen will introduce home automation that is reasonably priced and simple to use. You can flick switches on and off as you normally would or use their app.

You can turn your switches on and off remotely, wherever you are, with the app. It’ll even notify you if you leave something switched on. Energy usage will be monitored in the app in real time and you can even keep track of loved ones with notifications about their activity.

Den have a team of top engineers on board and have recently appointed Bob Watkins (ex-Amstrad – working with Alan Sugar) as their CEO. The product images indicate that the UK market will be served first but their explainer video hints at worldwide domination.

What do you think? Will you buy into smart home technology at this price point?

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