Nudge – Chrome Extension That Rocks! is a modern sales platform that uses artificial intelligence to provide sales teams with actionable insights on their target customers.
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I send on average over 100 emails every day. Sometimes as much as 300! When you reach this level of interactions it is very easy to start cutting corners and stop the ever so important curiosity on what the people you chat with are up to. But it isn’t easy to have 20 tabs open all at once. Slack, Trello, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook – it can be very time consuming!

Nudge Is The Answer

I have been on a hunt for a solution that would save me and my team time AND keep the personal touch of interactions. I didn’t want to get yet another tool (I use so many of them on a daily basis!) and I knew that extension would be my answer. Gladly NUDGE is IT!

It takes less than 2 minutes to set up, basic account is free and I have all the relevant info at a glance. All you do is type the email address and boom that’s what comes up:



This does not stop there. You can leave notes on each of your contacts or simple messages to yourself such as “has a cat named Pink”, “recently had a baby” etc. This way those small yet crucial details will have a place to live (other than your head).

Top Free Features

Basic Nudge plan is FREE for any individual wanting to use it. Those are the top features you will get with your plan:

  • Contact News Mentions and Social Activity – artificial intelligence scans the web and pulls out all of the latest on your contact in the social media space and latest articles.
  • Relationship Strength Tracking – you can see at a glance when the latest exchanges took place and evaluates the strength of your relationship based on that.
  • Daily Insight Email – Nudge can send you a regular email with an overview of news, social and relationship insights you may have missed from the day before – ideal if you don’t have time to sift through multiple news outlets.
  • Trending Content on Your Interests – you can customise it with the topics of interest and be on top of the latest in your specific industry. This feature in my opinion kills a need for other services that do this.

Worth To Upgrade?

If you are looking for more features Nudge comes with an ability to upgrade. For $29.95 per month you can get the following:

  • Company News Mentions and Social Activity – in other words you get real-time updates whenever your target accounts are mentioned in the news and posts on social media. This can be handy if you are working with a smaller group of target accounts.
  • Intelligent Follow-ups – This is a killer feature. It allows you to stay top-of-mind of customers or target contacts. You can set up regular candid responses to engage leads you have identified. What I like about it is that Nudge syncs with your communication tools, it automatically reminds you when it’s time to reach out.
  • Marketing Event Integration – this feature looks promising, although as I have not paid for the account I haven’t had the opportunity to fully test this out. In a nutshell you can engage buyers when they are most likely to convert into opportunities. Nudge integrates with your marketing systems to show you how prospects and customers are engaging with marketing activities. See which resources they’re interested in, which pages they visit, and other triggers to help you reach out at the right rime. Sounds good on the cover – the question is how well it integrates and what it integrates with.
  • AI Slack Sales Assistant – as a recent Slack convert I think this is potentially really cool. You can ask your very own AI sales assistant anything about your target accounts directly in Slack. Nudgebot for Slack is your sales worker that looks for news, social and relationship insights. In seconds without ever leaving your favourite team communication platform you have all the information you need.

Would I upgrade? I don’t think I would with this price tag. In all honesty the free extension does a lot already. When you run a sales team you likely already pay for tools such as Salesforce, Zendesk, LiveChat etc. To add $29.95 per agent can work out very expensive.


Izabela a co-founder of New Media Europe and the head of a UK based audio branding company - Music Radio Creative. Working with over 4500 clients, spread across 197 different countries each year.