4 Inspirational Entrepreneur Movies to Watch Right Now

Have you seen all of these top entrepreneur movies yet?
Entrepreneur movies you should watch
Entrepreneur movies you should watch

Have you seen all of these top entrepreneur movies yet? If you’re in need of a dose of entrepreneurial inspiration here are four great movie suggestions.

The FounderThe Founder (2016)

The story behind the multi-billion dollar worldwide McDonald’s empire. It’s inspirational to see how the biggest revolution in fast food develops from humble beginnings in California. Top actor Michael Keaton plays the persistent entrepreneur Ray Kroc in The Founder. You may not agree with all of his business practices, “If any of my competitors were drowning, I’d put a hose in their mouth and turn on the water.” You can’t deny that this is a prime example of taking massive action and persisting towards a goal.

Joy (2015)

Joy becomes the founder of a powerful family business but it isn’t all fun along the way. This movie perfectly shows the ups and downs on the rollercoaster that is entrepreneurship. Just when you think you’re on a down you should keep on going. Even if you fail and mess things up, like Joy did on the shopping TV show she hosted at first, persist and hold on to your goals.

JobsJobs (2013)

A thrilling and revealing movie about one of the greatest entrepreneurs of our time. This biographical drama shows just how Steve Jobs rose from a college dropout to the creative entrepreneurial mind behind Apple computers.

Field of Dreams (1989)

It’s an oldie but a goody. Field of Dreams is a story about an Iowa farmer who hears voices saying, “if you build it they will come.” He takes them literally and builds a baseball field using all the effort he can muster along the way!

What’s The Best Entrepreneurial Movie You’ve Seen?

There are so many inspiring movies that entrepreneurs can relate to. Have you seen a great one recently? Let me know in the comments!


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