Longest Podcast Ever… For Podcasters!

Do you enjoy listening to podcasts? Well how about a 36 non-stop listening pleasure to learn more about podcasting? The Marathon Man Mike Russell, nicknamed “The Marathon Man” is...

Do you enjoy listening to podcasts? Well how about a 36 non-stop listening pleasure to learn more about podcasting?

Mike The Marathon Podcaster

The Marathon Man

Mike Russell, nicknamed “The Marathon Man” is doing 36 non stop hours of podcast interviews. Before you think that 36 hours is a lot, think again! Mike has 126 non stop broadcast hours behind his belt already. Back in 2007 he broke the World Record on Time 106.6 FM in Berkshire, UK.


There are incredibly talented independent podcasters out there. We are here to celebrate that talent and grow the awareness of podcasting in the UK.


You can tune in online via Blab, Facebook Live, Spreaker, Periscope and we post regular updates via the Anchor App and Snapchat. You can find how to tune in right here.

There is an incredible lineup of podcasters too.

Here is what to expect at each hour!

  1. 21st April, 10:00amThe State Of Podcasting in The UK – Izabela Russell – co-founder of UK Podcasters and New Media Europe.
  2. 21st April, 11:00amHow To get Awesome Podcast Guests and Keep Content EngagingAni Alexander – Amazon bestselling fiction author and host of the Write to be Read podcast. She is helping entrepreneurs and writers become authors by turning their draft manuscript into a published book just in few weeks time.
  3. 21st April, 12:00pm Building Trust and Authority Through PodcastingLoz James – Copywriter, content marketer, husband & father. Discover the training & tools to become a content marketing champion in your own online business. An English graduate from The University of Birmingham and NCTJ trained journalist at postgraduate level, Loz has been writing commercially for over 15 years. Loz has experience working across a wide variety of markets and in many different media, and over his career have provided hundreds of companies and creative agencies with high quality copywriting.
  4. 21st April, 13:00pm – Audio Drama and Fiction Padcasting  – Matthew McLean is an audio drama producer, known as the other half of Yap Audio Production based in Scotland. He produces Aftermath and the Audio Drama Production Podcast. Robert Cudmore is an audio drama producer, known as the other half of Yap Audio Production based in Scotland. He produces Aftermath and the Audio Drama Production Podcast.
  5. 21st April, 14:00pm – Using Video to Promote Your PodcastSteve Folland is a former radio presenter/producer turned freelance video creator and marketer. Clearly missing the sound of his own voice he began the podcast “Being Freelance” where creative freelancers chat about being, well, freelance. He’s now sharing lessons gathered from those conversations in his writing, videos and speaking. He’s not sharing his cake though. Get your own.
  6. 21st April, 15:00pm – The Advances in Pay per Click Marketing in 2016 – Sean Clark, formerly Head of Web at Adnams plc in Southwold, now advises businesses new to the web, or just struggling to make it work, in how to use Social Media and Search Marketing to grow authority, acquire customers and accelerate business growth.
  7. 21st April, 16:00pm – Building a New Speaking Business in a Niche Area – Peter Billingham is a public speaker, author, and speechwriter. His vast experience and skill helps entrepreneurs become better public speakers, and public speakers become better entrepreneurs. He supports, coaches and trains them in how to build a successful speaking business.
  8. 21st April, 17:00pm – Co-Hosts, Editing and Automation Software – Craig Wealand arrived in Valencia in 1997 after 10 years travelling and teaching in other countries, mainly because his parents retired to nearby Moraira on the Costa Blanca. In 2001 he was approached by a student, Luis Domingo Blanco, an IT expert working at Valencia’s port, with a view to expanding a website dedicated to helping students practice their English, www.mansioningles.com
  9. 21st April, 18:00pm – The Upside of Being a Selfish Podcaster – Cem Yildiz is a health nut and digital content producer to charities and small businesses. Wayne Ingram is a professional actor and owns his own production company called Tap The Table.
  10. 21st April, 19:00pm – Overcoming Mistakes & Turning Them into SuccessMatthew Turner is an an author, brand storyteller, and coffee loving fiend who writes a great deal at Turndog.co
  11. 21st April, 20:00pm – How Podcasting Is Humanising the Web for Content Marketers Simon Dunant Founder of marketing consultancy New Rise Digital, journalist & author. Podcast Power Marketing Podcast host.
  12. 21st April, 21:00pm – Creating the Ultimate Podcast Production Workflow System – Tony Brown is a Business Systems Strategist, Coach, Author and Speaker. He also blogs and Podcasts at TonyLBrown.com.
  13. 21st April, 22:00pm – Keeping Your Podcast Content Fresh – Rob Lawrence is a podcaster and coach to content creators, business leaders and creative entrepreneurs. Rob helps your ideas, stories and voice get heard, amplified and recognised. Host of Inspirational Creatives.
  14. 21st April, 23:00pm – Building a Podcast Brand Online – Nick Shepley is a history teacher and he started podcasting as a way of getting his class more involved. Three years later and his ‘class’ now has 100,000 students and enthusiasts in it and he hears from listeners all around the world.
  15. 22nd April, 00:00am – How to Build and Grow a Crowd Online – Anthony de Souza is a crowdfunding strategist and educator. He has conducted over 40 crowdfunding workshops and talks across the UK and online in the last 18 months. He is also editor and publisher of the CrowdFunding Focus Magazine which is available in the App stores for mobile devices.
  16. 22nd April, 01:00am – The Podcast Launch Process Hayden Lee, Travelling son of a hippie and a biker. Hayden is host of the Travel Stories Podcast.
  17. 22nd April, 02:00am – Getting Started with Podcasting – David Shaw is a technology savvy entrepreneur and experienced CMO. He is a regular keynote speaker, blogger and host of the getting ahead podcast. David specialises in content marketing and in particular passionate about merging sales and marketing teams to work together as one.
  18. 22nd April, 03:00am – Using Podcasting to Build an Audience in a Tough Market – Roger Edwards is a marketing and social media consultant from Edinburgh Until he set up his own business he was in and out of senior marketing roles in UK Financial Services Companies for two decades. He’s also a fitness instructor and runs two podcasts. The Marketing Protection and Finance Podcast and Group Fitness Over Coffee. Still learning after all these years!
  19. 22nd April, 04:00am – Geek Apocalypse and Podcasting Steven Heslewood, In October 2012 Steven founded Steven Heslewood Media Enterprises and in March 2013 the company created the podcast and website Geek Apocalypse, where Steven hosts a weekly podcast dedicated to all things geeky or otherwise!
  20. 22nd April, 05:00am – Leveraging Your Podcast Content To “Be Everywhere Online – Nicola Cairncoss No 1 Amazon best-selling author (“The Business Success Factory” March 2014), an internet marketing mentor, she is a co-founder of CairncrossMedia.com, a boutique digital marketing agency, specialising in Facebook Marketing & Ads and beautiful WordPress websites.  Nicola also has several other business interests, podcasts and passive income streams from various digital products. Nicola hosts the Own It! Podcast with Judith Morgan.
  21. 22nd April, 06:00am – How to Remove Yourself from Your BusinessJon Butt helps entrepreneurs and business owners double their sales with less effort. Hear his podcast, Marketing for Owners.
  22. 22nd April, 07:00am  – Max Pepe –Max now believes there is a massive disconnect between the world of business and the world of creativity. To address this problem, Max has just set up a highly ambitious podcast and digital magazine called Rebelhead Entrepreneurs, aiming to change the face of traditional business press and provide a new breed of creative entrepreneur with an unrivalled platform of inspiration, motivation and education.
  23. 22nd April, 08:00am – Coworking, Apps and FreelancingBernie J Mitchell – Host of the Late Late Breakfast Show podcast. You can find Bernie tearing around the world with #Supercoolwife and #Babybernie with OuiShare and Copass, basecamp is 90 Mainyard a coworking community in East London.
  24. 22nd April, 09:00am – How to Triple Your Downloads via iTunes in Seven DaysDavid Ralph is host of the daily show – Join Up Dots – bringing you the brightest, sharpest, most motivational and conversational individuals across the globe.
  25. 22nd April, 10:00am – Building A “Value First” Brand – Neil Humphrey “The Brand Gladiator” is on a mission to help entrepreneurs and business owners to fight the evil forces of mediocrity and communicate more clearly.
  26. 22nd April, 11:00am – Podcasting Longevity, Viability and Commericality – Tom Evans is passionate about bringing magic into peoples’ lives. He is an ex-BBC television engineer turned author, author’s mentor, writer’s unblocker, creative catalyst and mindfulness, timefulness and kindfulness practitioner.
  27. 22nd April, 12:00am – How Content Can Change Lives by Inspiring People to Take Action – Pete Matthew is a very content husband and father of two wonderful children. He’s also a Chartered Financial Planner, a Certified Financial Planner (CFP) and Managing Director of Jacksons Wealth Management in Penzance, UK.
  28. 22nd April, 13:00pm – Building Communities Online and Offline Pilar Orti is the Director of Virtual not Distant, a company set up to help teams transition into flexible working (mainly in the UK) and become virtual teams. Pilar is also an established voiceover based in London.
  29. 22nd April, 14:00pm – UK Podcasting Mark Asquith is a serial entrepreneur who has built globally successful design & marketing, SaaS and digital businesses since he quit his job in 2005. A passionate podcaster, perpetual learner and helpful bloke, Mark has an adoring wife, a giant dog and an embarrassing beard.
  30. 22nd April, 15:00pm – How Podcasting Fits into Your Wider Content Work Colin Gray is a podcaster, a writer and a PhD in education. He specializes in engaging through content, with podcasting at it’s core. His company, The Podcast Host, helps businesses to grow an audience by combining podcasting, blogging and video to cultivate fanatical fans.
  31. 22nd April, 16:00pm – The Power of Questions Judy Rees is a virtual collaboration coach and trainer. She specialises in helping people who work apart to work together better – by helping them to understand each other better; to develop their skills in listening, inquiry and facilitation; and to formulate processes for creative disagreement that work for them.
  32. 22nd April, 17:00pm – Having a Podcast for Your Business That’s Not Your Business Chris Marr is founder of the Content Marketing Academy and host of the Content Marketing Academy podcast.
  33. 22nd April, 18:00pm – How to Grow Your Business and Make Your Customers Happy Chloë Thomas is the creator of the eCommerce MasterPlan. Author, speaker, podcast host and expert in eCommerce strategy and marketing. Across her career, Chloë has seen many businesses struggling to get to grips with eCommerce. In response, she crafted the eCommerce MasterPlan helping companies plan, develop and grow successful eCommerce business, whilst avoiding the potential pitfalls. This three-part strategy guides businesses through the process of creating, developing and marketing an eCommerce business.
  34. 22nd April, 19:00pm – Tough Girl Podcast Sarah Williams is an author, a blogger, a marathon runner, Kilimanjaro climber & Tough Girl Podcaster!
  35. 22nd April, 20:00pm – Endurance, Radio Skills and Building Your Audience Kevin Field is a multi award-winning media specialist and social entrepreneur. He is the founder and host of Radio Skills for Podcasters; a podcast and blog focused on the craft of creating powerful audio content that gets results.
  36. 22nd April, 21:00pm – Why You Need to Turn Your Podcast Into an Event David Bain launched his first business online in the year 2000 – and he’s been training businesses on how to do the same since 2007. He’s the host of Digital Marketing Radio and head of growth at Authoritas™.

Izabela a co-founder of New Media Europe and the head of a UK based audio branding company - Music Radio Creative. Working with over 4500 clients, spread across 197 different countries each year.