NMEU 03 – Alexia Leachman – Making New Connections Through New Media

Alexia Leachman talks about new connections that she is able to form with the use of various new media platforms....

Alexia Leachman
Alexia Leachman is the host of the award-nominated and chart-topping podcast, The Head Trash Show, which is listened to in 120 countries. She is also the founder of Head Trash, which helps people to clear their minds of negative thoughts, feelings and emotions through events, products, online courses and one-to-one sessions.

Alexia is also an author, professional speaker, trainer and coach. She is currently writing her second book that aims to help pregnant women have a positive, pain-free birth.

[bctt tweet=”It’s just done wonders for my business… I’m a real, real fan of podcasting. – @AlexiaL”]

Top Quotes from Alexia Leachman:

  • “It’s just done wonders for my business… I’m a real, real fan of podcasting.”
  • “There really still isn’t a lot of awareness outside of maybe the new media-savvy lot about what it is still, which is staggering.” [On podcasts]
  • “Everything just moves so quickly, and you just need to keep up with it.” [On new media and learning new things]
  • “Tweetdeck is really great when you’re in a Twitter storm.”
  • “In terms of reputation management, you need to be careful… so I want to try and keep some stuff that’s mine, that’s quite personal.”
  • “Having a personal account is really, really valuable. People want to know who you are.”
  • “I think Twitter is a really, really great tool for building your own personal brand platform… If it wasn’t for Twitter, I wouldn’t have had a book and I wouldn’t have been on TV.”
  • “I just don’t know what I’d do without Twitter; it’s my kind of lifeline, really, for my business.”
  • “I think an event like the new media one happening is really going to help elevate our global position on the interwebs.”


Key Timestamps:

  • 01:15 – Host Mike Russell welcomes Alexia Leachman to the show
  • 01:35 – Alexia talks about getting into podcasting
  • 02:52 – Why Alexia thinks podcasting is the new media tool she needs for her brand
  • 03:48 – On finding new clients and building brand awareness through her podcast
  • 05:24 – On blogging and creating online videos
  • 06:48 – Top 3 podcasts Alexia listens to right now
  • 08:07 – Alexia shares the tools she uses for self-publishing her book
  • 09:38 – Tools that Alexia uses in her new media venture
  • 11:57 – Alexia on having multiple Twitter accounts
  • 13:48 – On whether tweets on personal Twitter accounts should be automated
  • 16:10 – What made Alexia decide to attend the New Media Europe conference
  • 19:03 – People that Alexia looks forward to seeing and hearing at the New Media Europe conference

Get in Touch with Alexia!

Tweet her at @AlexiaL; check out out HeadTrash.co.uk; or tweet @head_trash.

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