Tips for Getting More Followers and Likes on Instagram

Instagram as a fun and engaging media for entrepreneurs.

There are over 300 million active daily users on Instagram. With the audience of this size it is hard to ignore the possibilities this platform hides. I have been using Instagram since 2012 and in this post I attempt to share with you what in my opinion is the key to growing the audience in likely the most authentic way there is.

It’s the Small Things

It has always been a platform where I felt I can post just for me. I didn’t care how many followers or likes I had and I loved documenting my life for me. Furthermore, it always felt that the Instagram enabled me pay attention to under-appreciated things and the small details that had much beauty, history and individuality. I would stop in the most random place and just snap a close up of something I felt would look lovely on it’s own. Because, suddenly I felt I could do that and I had a platform to share those small things in life. Do you ever look at something and quietly appreciate the beauty? Why not to use those moment to share who you are? Furthermore, this will likely make you happy as a result.

tree bark

Random Tree


Field Daisy









Tesco Car Park View

Tree Trunk

Tree Trunk











It’s the Travel

Every time I went away I wanted to share my views and opinions via images. I always try and capture what matters to me and in some way I hope that it shows who I truly am. Because it is not about promotion of the latest product, event or service. It is about the promotion of YOU. One of the oldest and wisest truths in the world is that people buy people. It is OK to be you and to show it. You have to accept that not everyone will like you and will appreciate what you do. Perhaps it is worth to just focus on the people who do. Because they matter and they only will be there if you let them see who you are. When we visit new places we always have a unique way to appreciate their beauty and culture. In my opinion it shows in the way in which we take pictures of what we see.



New York





















It’s Your Family

By letting your customers have a little glimpse into your life you show your authenticity. I am not saying you should document your whole life and strip your family off the privacy. NO. I am saying that it is OK to occasionally share a picture that shows your human side. Furthermore the emotions and feelings that we all have enable us to get closer to other humans.

Happy Zara

Zane’s Eye

One of Those Walks




















Place For Business

The only place to maintain your business attitude on Instagram in my opinion is your description, link to your business as well as ensuring you use a professional shot as your profile picture. Most of all remember, this is not the place where you sell your business. In addition, it is also OK not to have 1000s of followers. It takes time to find the right people and you should not be worried about that!

This is a place where you sell YOU.



Izabela a co-founder of New Media Europe and the head of a UK based audio branding company - Music Radio Creative. Working with over 4500 clients, spread across 197 different countries each year.