How to Use for a Live Stream

Hey, it’s Day 8 of 100 New Media Tools to Promote New Media Europe. Facebook Live Streaming? Today I will focus on a little figure that looks a little...

Hey, it’s Day 8 of 100 New Media Tools to Promote New Media Europe.

Facebook Live Streaming?

Today I will focus on a little figure that looks a little bit like the podcasting icon. It’s not podcasting, Batman. I am talking about a little thing called Facebook Live. Wow. Look at this. Go live on Facebook. Facebook Live is a relatively new feature. It’s still rolling out to all users and it’s similar to Periscope and Meerkat and other live streaming apps in that you can go and stream live when you want.

So I am going to get myself into position to go live on Facebook with my box light. The idea is to do something that I’m uncomfortable with every day. Now, I’m not uncomfortable live streaming. In fact, I don’t really mind speaking in front of a live audience. But what does scare me is being unprepared for a long live stream. My decision today is to go live on Facebook for one hour and talk about podcasting.

As we get into the final hours of the Kickstarter campaign for the Podcasters’ Pub Crawl, my question is, “Will streaming live on Facebook for an hour help to get more interest in that event?”

The title is in. Let’s grab a glass of water, cup of coffee on the go. All right. All is looking good.

If you’re watching this story at the time I’m about to go live, why not connect with me on Facebook. Then you can come and watch the live stream. Join in. Let’s do this. There is just one more thing. The left mic.

How do I look? It is 9:30 and here we go.

Facebook Live Fail

Facebook Live is off and I am going on to Blab. Blab is amazing because people can actually join, unlike Facebook Live that was playing up for me today.

Using for a Live Stream

Okay, Snapchat, I am chatting to Roger Edwards. There he is. Hello! I will be adding Roger’s Snapcode to this story very shortly in the next app. Get ready to screenshot.

All right, there we go. Finished the Blab. The Podcasters’ Pub Crawl had nice chats with Roger Edwards and also David Niven in there. As you may know, my initial plan was to go with Facebook Live. Didn’t work out. I’m glad I actually ended up hopping over to Blab.

Counting Down the Last Kickstarter Minutes

In the final 19 minutes of my Kickstarter project, we actually had seven – five, six, seven – new backers, thanks to Blab. Would I have achieved the same results on Facebook Live? I think so, quite possibly, but Blab works out really well for me.

So if you’re in the closing hours of a campaign you’re running online, if your business or your brands use the power of live events, you can check out Blab online at Now to get together some t-shirts for the Podcasters’ Pub Crawl and get things rolling for that.

Day 8 complete.


Mike is co-founder of New Media Europe - obsessed with everything new in media and technology. He's also a founder of audio production company Music Radio Creative.