How to Use Facebook Live Stream in Groups and Events

Today is day 29 of 100 New Media Tools to promote New Media Europe and I'm Mike Russell, one of the co-founders. Live Streaming is the Future It's all...

Today is day 29 of 100 New Media Tools to promote New Media Europe and I'm Mike Russell, one of the co-founders.

Live Streaming is the Future

It's all about live streaming. All about it. Even Snapchat 2.0 now allows you to live stream to your friends. I'm really excited that Kelly Baader and Tim Lewis, attendees of New Media Europe 2015, made me aware of this story. We all know Facebook Live has been kicking about for a while, but now, it allows you to go live in Facebook groups and events. Thank you, Kelly and thank you, Tim, for putting me up to some live streaming.

Facebook Live Stream Features

Okay, so today, I am committed for my one new media tool to live streaming on Facebook into groups and events.

Now, you may remember that ended up in quite a strange way, back on day 8 when I try to do Facebook Live and it didn't work. Well, I've tried it a couple of times this morning. It's working now.

Facebook Live Notifications

Here is the most powerful thing about live streaming into a Facebook group, every member of the group gets a notification you're live. I took a quick test into an entrepreneurial group in my local area and right here at the bottom, that's the notification that was sent out to every member. Then I hopped over to UK Podcasters, started live streaming, and look at the interaction it generated from just a few minutes of live stream.

Now, I hopped over to the New Media Europe Facebook group and try some live streaming there. Get this, not only can I live-stream to the Facebook group which is closed and only the members will see the stream, I can also live-stream to our Facebook event. Everyone interested will see it.

Facebook Live for Facebook Groups

My final challenge today, after live streaming to the New Media Europe tribe, is to test live streaming into another Facebook group that I don't admin. Now, I'm a little concerned about this. What's your opinion on live streaming into somebody else's Facebook group? Could that be considered spam? Snap me back if you're watching on Snapchat and let me know.

For more information on this amazing new Facebook feature, head to I'm off to do some live streaming. See you later.


Mike is co-founder of New Media Europe - obsessed with everything new in media and technology. He's also a founder of audio production company Music Radio Creative.



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