How to Use IFTTT to Get Twitter Followers

Hey, Snapchat. It’s 100 days trying 100 new media tools to promote New Media Europe. Day 7, let’s do this. Today I shall focus on one recipe in one...

Hey, Snapchat. It’s 100 days trying 100 new media tools to promote New Media Europe. Day 7, let’s do this. Today I shall focus on one recipe in one tool I really love called If This Then That. If This Then That is free to sign up for. It integrates with most of your social networks and it also works with the smart house which is pretty cool. Hey, Siri. Turn the light on. Siri! Turn the light on! Hey, Siri. Turn the light on. Sometimes there’s nothing better than a light switch.

How to Boost Twitter Followers with IFTTT

This one recipe I’m going to show you today with If This Then That, IFTTT, will build your Twitter followers on automation. Don’t worry. That’s not a dodgy internet marketing claim. I really do have one recipe I like to use particularly before I attend conferences that have a hashtag that can get me relevant followers from Twitter. If you’re adding targeted followers to your Twitter account, you’re obviously getting eyeballs on you as a person, on your business or brand and they’ll usually click the link in your profile to your website. Twitter tip: make sure the link in your bio on Twitter is the website you want people clicking through to. For example, on my Twitter bio, I’ve actually got two links. The main link is New Media Europe. That’s where I want people to go but I’ve also linked to my YouTube channel as well in my description.

Update Your Twitter Bio

The cool thing is at and hashtags are clickable so I can click through to New Media Europe and again, you can see the description there and the link to New Media Europe. Here is how you start building relevant Twitter followers on your own Twitter account. First, pick an interest. Before New Media Europe this year, I’m going to a conference in Amsterdam called The Next Web Europe. It has a hashtag. Now you can apply this tip to any conference you’re attending but you can also apply it to an interest like #business or #broadcasting. Head into your Twitter account. Create a new list and give it a name like The Next Web Europe. I’ve actually added 2016 to the end of the list and a description, “Peeps I want to meet at The Next Web Europe 2016 in Amsterdam. Tweet me if you’re attending.” Important that you make it a public list.

IFTTT Recipe for Twitter Followers

If This Then That allows you to add channels for all of your social media so connect your Twitter account to If This Then That, then you can create a recipe. Here we are in my recipes with some of my geeky Hue Lights recipes based on the weather. Let’s go to create a recipe. If this so you want to select the Twitter channel that you just connected to your Twitter account. To choose a trigger, you want to go new tweet from search and you want to type in search for the hashtag of the conference that you’re attending. Got it? Good. Create trigger and you want to choose Twitter again for the action channel and then create your action which will be add user to list.

In the action fields, leave user name as it is under Twitter user name. For list name, paste in the name of the list you just created and click create action. Is everything looking good? Does that look good? Give us a tweet with #TNWEurope. Add the user to the list for my Twitter account. Good. Create. Boom. You’re all set.

How Effective Are Twitter Lists?

You can see that I created that trigger in literally a matter of minutes and now I’m going to start building a list of everyone who’s tweeting about the Next Web Europe conference. Does it work? Yes it does. I’ll show you. Here’s a list I built last year for New Media Europe. It’s got 374 members and even 10 subscribers. Not only are Twitter users going to love your Twitter list because it’s extremely relevant but they may also give you a follow back too.


Day 7’s task is to scale, scale, scale. I’m going to build as many of these IFTTT recipes as I possibly can in one day. What do you think? Good idea? Are you going to try it? Snap me back if you’re watching on Snapchat and let me know what you think about this tactic.


Mike is co-founder of New Media Europe - obsessed with everything new in media and technology. He's also a founder of audio production company Music Radio Creative.