How YouTubers Edit Their Videos

Hey there. Today is day five of one hundred new media tools to promote New Media Europe. It’s a conference in London this summer. You can check it out...

Hey there. Today is day five of one hundred new media tools to promote New Media Europe. It’s a conference in London this summer. You can check it out at This morning, despite it being beautiful outside, I’m going to be locked inside my beautiful yet very dark studio. Lucky I have one of these. Whoa. I can see from my inbox this morning I’ve got a few voiceovers to do for Music Radio Creative on my little condenser microphone over here. Then after recording that, I’m going to be focusing one hundred percent on YouTube as my new media tool for day five. I’ll be shooting high-quality YouTube vids on this very cool DSLR camera, the Canon EOS 60D.

YouTube Marketing

YouTube marketing is so effective because if you hit the right keywords in the YouTube search, you can get a ton of views but the best idea is to batch record your videos, right. It’s ninety-five days to New Media Europe and I am getting on the task today. YouTube marketing so follow my story today to catch up with just how I’m doing on day five of one hundred new media tools to promote New Media Europe. I have the essential kit ready to go. That is ScreenFlow and Adobe Audition. Now strictly this is not promotion of New Media Europe but it will free up my time to do more promotional activities in the next ninety-five days to come.

Batch Recording for YouTube

My goal is to record as many Adobe Audition tutorials as I possibly can this morning in the next two-and-a-half hours. As I was writing down my thoughts this morning in the freedom journal, I realised there was one part of my process that really eats up a lot of time. That is using this beast. I spend a lot of time post-processing and editing video from the DSLR camera. The Logitech C920 is an excellent webcam, also records natively into ScreenFlow. I figure I can probably use just that to free up some of my time. Now it’s time to get started recording YouTube videos. I just committed a cardinal sin of batch-recording my videos. I tried to render a video. It’s taken about five minutes to render.

Keep Your YouTube Workflow as Efficient as Possible

The idea of staying efficient with this is to record, record, record and then render once they’re all ready. Now I’ve got a new workflow down that excludes my DSLR and uses only the webcam. I can tell you it’s far, far quicker so I think from this point on, I’m going to be recording a lot more videos. Time to get creative. I am an hour into my YouTube recording and I’ve done five videos. Usually I would do more, but that is a week’s worth of videos already and I am trying a new workflow. Time to crack on. That is it for me with YouTube marketing. It is 10:30 and I have recorded, whoa, twenty videos.

One Month in Two Hours

Now the really cool thing about that is that is literally a month’s worth of videos for me, and that took me literally a couple of hours of very focused time in my darkened studio. The next effort is to cut them all up and get them ready to upload to YouTube and Facebook but that shouldn’t take too long for me. As for YouTube videos, my YouTube channel has lots of subscribers, so it gets lots of views. New Media Europe’s YouTube channel is pretty sparse in subscribers.

Promote Videos using Google AdWords for Video

This afternoon, my goal is to work on using some Google video ads to promote some of the fantastic speaker videos we have for our New Media Europe conference. If you’re interested in getting inspired and also learning how to use new media tools, check out That’s it. I’m out of here. Just one little post note. If you can focus on doing twenty videos in two hours once a month, you have one month’s worth of YouTube content.


Mike is co-founder of New Media Europe - obsessed with everything new in media and technology. He's also a founder of audio production company Music Radio Creative.