Is TV Good for You?

Simple life truth that will make you a better person

How much time do you spend each day watching TV? Unless the answer is ZERO then it is likely too much. Is TV good for you or are we wasting our brains away?

This article is a result of listening to a podcast episode by Cliff Ravenscraft on this exact topic. He was discussing whether watching the television will make/keep you poor. I strongly suggest tuning in.

Is TV good for you?

When you search “the holy Google” results are mixed. I mean VERY mixed! However despite catchy titles such as “6 Ways Watching TV Is Good For You — (Yes, Really)” or “3 Surprising Reasons Why Watching TV May Be Good for You” I can’t help but feel this is all a propaganda just like the fact that cigarettes were supposedly good for you in the 60s and 70s…

Why is TV watching bad?

The medical evidence is overwhelming.

  • Prolonged periods of sitting will definitely expand your waistline AND make you less keen to be active.
  • Each hour of TV watching increases your chances of diabetes.
  • Spending long hours in front of TV decreases sperm production.
  • TV-made views of the world and how we deal with issues can damage our relationships.
  • Violent images repeatedly seen on TV increase our own violence.
  • People who are venerable (prone to depression and other mental states) may feel more isolated as a result of watching television.


Finding the balance

Saying that you shouldn’t watch TV at all is rather unreasonable in the world we live in. We are surrounded by the screens and unfortunately they are here to stay. Despite owing TVs and even being a huge fan of a good amount of popular TV shows I think the most important thing is balance. If you want to spend time watching TV choose programs that can educate you in topics of interest, try to avoid the mindless entertainment that requires ZERO brain usage. When in doubt – simply reach for a good book. There is nothing better than letting your own imagination do the work and create images in our heads with the words we read.


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