UK Podcast Statistics: 4 Actionable Stats for British Podcast Hosts

Here's how UK podcast statistics look one decade on from the beginning of podcasting.
The latest UK podcast stats

Podcasting is growing in the UK and seeing a genuine renaissance. Here’s how UK podcast statistics look one decade on from the beginning of podcasting.

How Many People in the UK Listen to Podcasts?

4.7 million adults, in the UK, have listened to any type of podcast. That could be a speech podcast (which it is in the majority of cases) or a music podcast.

Action: Promote your podcast – there’s a huge potential audience!

How Are UK Listeners Consuming Podcasts?

The smartphone is the most popular way to listen to a podcast by far. 66% of adults 15+ who listened to a podcast consumed it in this way.

Action: Create an app for your podcast. This is a fast way to cement the relationship with your listeners.

Is Anyone Listening to My Podcast?

Yes! Almost two thirds of all podcasts downloaded in the UK are listened to (65%).

Who’s Listening to Podcasts in the UK?

UK podcast statisticsThe largest podcast age demographic in the UK is 25-34 year olds with a 40% share of the total UK podcast audience. This is closely followed by 35-54 year olds at 29% share. Podcast listening tails off dramatically at age 55+ according to these stats meaning technology could still be a barrier for this more mature demographic.

Action: Create content and find podcast sponsorship for the 25-54 age demographic.

There is a 39% female 61% male split of podcast listeners. This is a larger gender divide than any other audio listening method measured by this survey. Radio, on demand, digital tracks and listen again all scored a near 50/50 gender split.

When Does The UK Listen to Podcasts?

Podcasts are time shifted audio but there is a recognisable peak time when they are consumed. Podcasts reach their highest audience in the UK, Monday to Friday, between 8.15 AM – 8.30 AM.

Action: Think about when your listeners will play your show. Don’t say “good morning” or “good afternoon” as you never know when your podcast will play back.

Source: RAJAR MIDAS Winter 2016 survey.


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